Re: Economy 

Some politicians during the impeachment hearings (as well as the president) said a president can’t be impeached when the economy is doing so well. 

So, let’s take a closer look at the economy. 

It’s not working for the following groups of Americans: the 44 million with student loan debt, the 40 million who live in poverty, the 40 million with no health insurance (the uninsured increased 3.2 million during Trump’s first year in office), the 500,000 homeless, the 580 farmers who filed Chapter 12 bankruptcy in 2019 (a rise of 24 percent), the 19 retailers that filed bankruptcy in 2019, and all of us who collectively paid $22 billion in tariffs since the trade war began. 

It’s also not working for the two million who are incarcerated, the 68,000 who die from drug overdoses or the 40,000 who die from gun violence yearly. 

The actual unemployment rate is generally double what is reported. 

For those who point to the recent highs in the stock market, the market was stronger under Barack Obama and weaker under George Bush. 

This economy is not working for the majority of us.

Betty Mello, 


Re: Election  

If anyone besides myself is blessed with the president, Donald Trump, and wants him re-elected, you must be registered as a Republican. 

Thank you kindly.

Shirley Martin,  


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