Re: Marijuana

Regarding the growth of marijuana industrial operations: 

The idea of allowing this operation to proceed is the breaking of our safety laws and the opinion of maintaining child safety within our communities. More crimes have been committed in the last several years in our area than ever before because of this plant and the criminals who continue to push its use to our young and innocent youth who have yet to witness the end results of using this plant for enjoyment. 

Please reconsider allowing commercial growing of the Hemp (marijuana) plant because of the criminal effect it produces from those who fail to follow our laws.

Vera Crabtree,


Re: Protest 

Even though I disagree with the protester’s, I do know they have the right to protest and would never want that right to be removed, but what has me upset is where they were holding their protest. 

They were being very disrespectful, shouting boos, beating their drums, gathering around an area that has been designed to honor some of our local WWI Veterans. 

Those granite plaques inside that step-down depression at the front of the Yuba County Court House holds those men’s names, many of who lost their life fighting for the freedom of us all.

When rally organizers come to a town they do not live in to hold a protest, I would think they would take the time to look around, see what impact they might have on the grounds where they stand and shout. 

Marysville is my home town, the Yuba County Court House is a building where Justice is served and the sunken gardens at the front steps are there to honor our home town warriors and hero’s. 

If they could, do you think they might tell those who were protesting a thing or two about the trauma of war and in-humane treatment.

Virginia Tudor,


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