Re: Planting trees

Researchers say trees are a key ingredient in the fight against climate change! (Article on July 5). I am totally bewildered as to why this research wasn’t done years ago. While there will always be naysayers I cannot believe this could be a hard sell anywhere in the world, especially to those four countries that can do the most. And, the collateral benefits are astounding.

The “tree huggers” can now plant trees as opposed to spiking trees. They will feel more productive, also. The homeless and immigrants can be given meaningful work. It would be similar to the old Conservation Corps during the Great Depression. If someone will tell me the type of tree and where to plant it, I will buy it and do the required work. This is something everyone should get behind. The AD should get us more details.


David Hudspeth,

Yuba City


Re: Illegal fireworks

I read ... that local police issued 15 citations for use of illegal fireworks. This is great, but really just a drop in the bucket. We live south and between Franklin and Bogue Roads, west of Walton. It sounded like a war zone here. The fireworks that people buy from the local stands weren’t the problem. The problem was illegal fireworks that sound like bombs. Our windows literally shook!

We have a dog who is terrified by loud sounds. Even with vet-issued sedative and close contact with us she was just overwhelmed. I can’t even imagine what it was like for families with small children or infants. And this wasn’t just on July 4. It started here on June 29. And even this morning, at 3:45, we were blasted with sound.

I beg those of you who find this amusing: please stop. Please.


Martha MacGregor,

Yuba City

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