Re: Homeless

Just a question to county officials: Has anybody thought about converting the old mall in Linda for the homeless? I think there is plenty of space, more than enough restrooms, and an area could be converted for kitchen space. Rooms could be office cubicles. Give them a couple of dumpsters out in the parking lot and let them take care of their “littlest big city.” It’s a lot of wasted space now!

George Vierra,


RE: Swimming access

My husband and I relocated to Yuba City from Northern California in 2013. Our daughter and her young family live here also. We love the many parks and recreational activities for families and children. Two of our grandchildren are members of the Feather River Aquatic Club (FRAC) which practices at the Gauche Aquatic Park.

This swim team provides an incredible opportunity for our grandchildren. They are more physically active. Through FRAC (as well as the swim teams for both high schools, which also practice at GAP) they participate in non-electronic based entertainment, quite an accomplishment in today’s world. In addition they are all learning teamwork, self-worth, the benefits of regular exercise, and the value of hard work.It’s no secret that many families in Yuba City are not wealthy. It is unreasonable to expect that these families will be able to drive to a neighboring town to keep their children swimming. Some of GAP’s high school team swimmers are college-bound with athletic scholarship potential. Others are representing FRAC in the Junior Olympics. Defunding the pool for part of the year puts a direct halt to the dreams of these youngsters.

I heard a lot during the recent election cycle from our city council candidates about finding ways to improve services for young people and families in Yuba City. Defunding the Gauche Aquatic Park is directly contrary to this goal. I encourage our elected officials to review and reject this recommendation from the city staff. Keep GAP open - for everyone’s benefit.

Michelle Rankin, 

Yuba City

RE: Swimming pool

My name is Keri Krzyminski and I was born and raised in Yuba City. My Son Tucker Krzyminski, 7, and daughter Riley Krzyminski, 6, both proudly swim for the Feather River Aquatic Club year around. 

Both children started at the age of 5. My son Tucker qualified for the Jr Olympics at the early age of 6. He loves to swim! We always joke about how funny it is to watch him compete in the water with a smile while breathing underwater. He has received many ribbons and medals for competitive times. He has proudly helped represent Yuba City and the Feather River Aquatic club. We can only imagine where swimming will take him. 

Riley just competed in her first swim competition in Gridley last month and took home first place in both freestyle and backstroke competitions. 

Without the use of the Gauche pool and FRAC swim team year around both Tucker and Riley won’t be able to achieve their goals, many jobs will be lost, the pool will end up in horrible shape, and kids won’t have this safe environment to keep them out of trouble. This pool is the best investment Yuba City has for our children and community.

Please help save our pool. The only pool Yuba City has. Don’t let the past repeat itself. Thank you for listening.

Keri Krzyminski,


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