Re: Illegals and rule of law

Every time some so-called Democrat Socialist trots out in front of a TV camera and rants about nobody being above the law and the rule of law, I want to puke. There are millions of illegals in this country, don’t the laws apply to them?

And they cry and wring their hands and complain about the children and the situation that they are in. Let’s for once put the blame for their plight where it belongs, directly on the parents that dragged them thousands of miles to our border. The immigration law should be changed so that if one is apprehended in our country illegally, they spend two years in prison and are banned forever from entering the USA.

Our politicians need to remember who they are supposed to be looking out for and that is the American citizen, natural born or naturalized. Both parties are guilty of neglecting their duty to protect and defend the constitution and the borders of this great nation. So, come November 2020 I hope that those that are not doing their jobs are voted out of office.

Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion.

Billy M. Cooper, U.S Army Retired

Yuba City

Re: Heliker’s June 6 letter

Rhonda Heliker’s June 6 “Open Forum” letter is over the top: “I’m hoping Sanders, Warren, and Democratic contenders in state and local elections as well, will sweep the country, creating a landslide victory and show the tired, old white men the door.” 

I share Rhonda’s hope except for the “tired, old white men” part. It is not OK to marginalize people based on age, race or gender.  Rhonda’s bias doesn’t belong in our proud Democratic party. Doesn’t Rhonda realize that Sanders is an old white man? He’s not a young black guy wearing “white face.”

I’m a 75-year-old white male. I’ve been a Democrat ever since the mid-1960s when I realized that during the Great Depression, President Hoover (Republican) sat on his hands. FDR (Democrat) actually saved millions of people. I talked to a guy who had worked in the CCC as a youth. He had earned $30 dollars a month plus room and board. He had gotten to keep $13 a month; $17 a month had been sent to his mother. Thus, two people were saved.

Since I started voting, I’ve never missed an election. However, I won’t (vote for) anyone who is biased against white males. In my book, white males, generally, are the good guys. We aren’t into third world female subjugation, etc. 

Perhaps you print this anti-white male stuff because you know that it harms the Democratic party. Perhaps it’s all another Republican “dirty trick” for which Republicans are so famous. There are a lot of possibilities here. 

I personally know a young white male who has left the party because he said he doesn’t want to belong to a party that doesn’t want him. He got it wrong: It’s haters of any kind we don’t want in the party.


Charles Scarfe,

Yuba City

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