Re: A great time during the Bok Kai parade

Thank all of you very much for the annual Chinese New Year Parade. The volunteers and workers and members for doing such a wonderful affair for all of us to attend. It is the highlight for all of us and our families. I was so impressed by the well behaved children who received treats, wrapped in papers, and took the papers into the nearby trash containers.

I am having my 92nd birthday this month and when sitting at Fourth and D streets, the store was open and I went inside and purchased my own item for just me! A lovely ruby ring. I have always wanted a ruby ring and I got one. 

The other thing that happened to me was a lovely little girl came to me and gave me two plants that had blossoms on the stalks. That little girl is a blessing to all those who have her and see what her kindness has done for us. I hope her family knows what she did for strangers at the parade. She cheered up my day so much.

Thank you and God bless.

Joanne Meed Armstrong 



Re: Roosters on loose

Why does Yuba City let all the roosters run around in the city? They go to the bathroom everywhere and this is a health issue. I have asked the city about this and no one knows why. Maybe the city should put up a sign saying “Welcome to Yuba City, the home of the roosters.”

Dan Warthan



Re: Border Wall

essential, think about our citizens

I am a U.S. citizen and I want the border wall for the saftey of Califonians and U.S.A. citizens, and a fingerprint reader at the border.

It is ridiculous that we should pay medical for illegal Californians. I do not want my taxes raised to pay for foreigners’ free medical expenses, or their children flooding our schools, or their county welfare entitlements. Somebody has to pay the bills, and I don’t want Prop. 13 eliminated so that we can be generous (out of somebody else’s pocket) to pay their bills off the taxpayer, when we have other eminent needs, like Paradise Camp Fire victims and our own issue, homeless. Money is not coming from a bottomless pit.

I prey when the border wall comes to the Supreme Court, the judges will rule it’s okay to use the ilitary soliders to build the wall with national security military money already approved by Congress through September.

Louise Ahart


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