Re: Diversity

You have discussed this in your editorials before, but this week has been an exciting example of it. On page A1 you write of the 40th Sikh Parade, and the vast numbers of people it brings to us. Also on that page was the story of two Native American Tribes, the Seminole and Enterprise Rancheria, and the opening of The Hard Rock complex, with all its economic pluses. On page A4 was the story of the Lantern Festival/Lotus Moon, originally a Japanese commemoration, now honored by other nationalities. Today’s edition talked further of the Dia De Los Muertos. 

There are few areas in America that have this multitude of cultural involvement, and it is something we should very proud of: it is a positive example of the unity needed in our nation. Thank you.

Bob Bush,

Yuba City

Re: Garamendi Votes

John Garamendi just voted for “Trump Impeachment Rules H.R. 660.” He also has voted against “Kate’s Law,” against de-funding “Planned Parenthood” and against de-funding “Sanctuary Cities.” He does not represent my views, how about yours?

Charles Schumacher, 



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