Re: Creating debt

Just read the article on how to save money by creating more debt.

Marysville just issued bonds to reduce the overdraft it has with CalPers, however, I would bet they didn’t even come close to paying off the unfunded liability.

Supposedly the savings will go to the General Fund, however, not one nickel will go to fix the streets, etc. as CalPers appears to have first rights to all monies.

After reading this I would hope to see an administrator’s retort to this article.

The citizens should be poed but probably don’t care. 

Philip Treanor, 

Yuba City


Re: Road Safety


I commute to work daily from Sutter to Olivehurst. I am particularly concerned with the intersection of El Margarita Road and Highway 20. Why wasn’t a signal and turnoff lanes put in when the school was built? If I was a parent of a River Valley High School student I would demand change of this dangerous intersection. What company did the traffic study? Will they be held accountable when someone dies?

Laura Rodgers, 


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