Re: Politics

(Concerning: G Michael Paine’s letter of Sept. 27.)

Mr. Paine you can attack me all you want it does not bother me, for I really do not give a damn. But in paragraph 4 of your letter “free stuff” you imply that my brothers and sisters in the U.S. Armed Forces and Law Enforcement are free loaders. Are you aware that these brave men and women pay taxes? And even after retirement continue to pay taxes. These fine men and women render a vital service to the country and their local community , and sometimes during the performance of their duty they die. Think about that Sir. I hope that you never have an occasion where you need the help of law enforcement , but if that time ever comes rest assured that they will be there. 

Billy Cooper,

Yuba City

Re: Syria

Citizens, President Trump’s action to remove all U.S. forces from Syria is the most irresponsible and embarrassing action to date, and that is saying a lot.

I agree we should not be an active force in this area. To abandon these people and government without timely notification and controls in pace is beyond human decency.

What is this saying to our allies? “U.S. does not stand behind our allies or our treaties. 

This is not my America.We need to stand up and fix the issues, no matter what side of the aisle or where inbetween you are. It is time to be Just Americans.We can agree to disagree, but the situation has gone too far. We need to let our elected officials know how we feel ...

Catherine O’Gara Stemley,

Yuba City

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