In early June 2020, Minneapolis, MN, Mayor Jacob Frey gave the order to his police department to abandon the 3rd Precinct Police HQ so that the looters could burn the building down along with hundreds of other businesses.  

This gutless action sent the message that the criminals can do what they want in Minneapolis and 40 other American cities.  

New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio refused help from the National Guard and hundreds of New York City small businesses were burned and looted.

Sacramento, CA: 130 businesses were damaged and looted, reporters beaten and civilians assaulted before the National Guard arrived to assist the police.

In St Louis, MO, retired Black Police Captain David Dorn was murdered trying to protect his son’s small business.  

Several other civilians and police officers have been murdered across this country by the lawless thugs during the recent riots.

Our California Legislature and governor continue to pass laws making it more difficult for the law abiding citizens like you and I to own a firearm.  

They tell us that we do not need our firearms because the police will protect us. This is a lie which they think we voters will be foolish enough to believe.  

Don’t be a fool. Vote for second amendment supporters in November.



Dale Whitmore,


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