I put this in caps because I know you’re probably getting this email a lot and I certainly know you don’t care about Academic Decathlon or about the students in your district becoming academics.

Why do I know this? I was the student president of the Academic Decathlon team at MHS in 2011-12 and was on the team from 2010-12. I was also the president of the Creative Writing club, the Choir club, and an officer for Key Club and Physics club. How could one student hold so many positions, you ask? I was inspired to learn through my time in Academic Decathlon, and more importantly, you don’t push your students to do extracurricular academic activities so no one fought me for those positions! 

Instead, for my entire time as a student in your district, we had to fight to fundraise for every activity we did in AcaDeca; meanwhile, I watched the sports teams get funding increases every year. Why are you cutting funding for an extra-curricular that is so easy to do online? I’m certain you’ve realized by now that all of the standardized bubble testing you all shoved down our throats is possible to do online, and for those of you who don’t know anything about AcaDeca (which I’m assuming is all of you given that none of you have ever shown an ounce of interest in it), it’s all tests! Don’t you love those?

I’m embarrassed to be a graduate of Marysville High School. You obviously care about your bottom line, your workload, and your sports teams more than you will ever care about your students’ desires to become lifelong learners. 

Until you take measurable action to fund Academic Decathlon and other similar academic-related extracurriculars, I will not be proud to be a graduate of your racist mascot high school.

Shame on all of you.



Abigail Wissink,

Walla Walla, Washington

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