Seeking individuals with common sense! Inquire at your local Elections Office.

There are four Yuba College trustees up for reelection in November 2020. We clearly need a lot of changes at Yuba College. Too many rubber stamps.

Everyone in the Yuba College “service area” is already paying on four bonds. There will be a fifth on your tax bill soon. A large majority of those bonds were spent on the Woodland Campus. The Woodland Campus has removed Yuba College on diplomas, etc. – they do not “identify with Yuba College.” Looks like the trustees are moving ahead with a new $43 million Woodland Campus Performing Arts Building. Outrageous.

The main campus is a sad mess. Neglected.

And, get Chancellor Houston out of that palace/office on Plumas Street. Spending over $300,000 a year to lease that office space is absolutely ridiculous.

Yuba and Sutter counties are paying the lion’s share of the bonds. But, our local campus is unfit for our children to attend. It is crumbling. Yet, they use those much needed repairs to sell bonds. Pathetic.

We need good people with common sense to run for the Yuba College Board of Trustees. Specific areas: Yuba County; Sutter County; Yolo County/Colusa; Lake County/Colusa.

We need you! Please visit “Yuba College Bond #5 - Vote No” on Facebook.




Liz Cervantes,

Yuba City

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