Re: Politicians

Pray for California. 

Unfortunately I live in California and the my U.S. representative is John Garamendi and my governor is Gavin Newsom; both support sanctuary cities, Planned Parenthood and do not support Kate’s law.

The large cities in California have become a refuge for homelessness, appear to be public toilets and have used drug needles laying around.

My governor and representative seem to be focused on Trump’s tax returns, plastic straws, gender neutral bathrooms and making sure no one is offended. Chicken Little was right, “the sky is falling.” Even praying for California in schools is banned. I love California, however the individuals running the place are running it into the ground. If California is to be cleaned up, the cleaning must start at the top.

Charles Schumacher,



Re: Tourism


“Why no Tourist?”

The tourism board “Visit Yuba-Sutter” is trying to figure out why tourism is declining in this area. 

Is it a lack of fine dining, a lack of name brand stores, or the unmanageable traffic mess in Marysville? I think not.

In my opinion, the lack of tourism is directly linked to the loss of recreational opportunities. Specifically, the loss of our once scenic and pristine rivers. 

No one wants to visit an area whose once magnificent rivers are now polluted on a daily basis with human waste and garbage. 

Tourists are not flocking to visit river banks with makeshift fences and warnings to keep out and protected by packs of unwelcoming dogs.

Nor are tourists interested in fishing in polluted waters or floating down a river lined with trash, garbage and third world buildings. Until our rivers are returned to their once magnificent and pristine condition, no amount of money or enthusiasm is going to lure tourists back to this area. 

G.Michael Johnston,

Yuba City

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