Re: Mass Shootings

Deaths in the U.S., Jan. 1 to Sept. 6, 2019, 248 days ...

It is time that the people of America wake up and look at some real statistics and facts.  As of today in the year 2019 there have been 297 deaths caused by “Mass Shootings,” 1219 individuals have been injured, 7 shootings happened on school or university locations, and 2 shootings happened in houses of worship.  Now let’s compare that to the number of individuals who have died of an opioid overdose.  As of today in the year 2019, 32,240 individuals have died of an opioid overdose. That averages 130 deaths per day.

I would like the readers of this newspaper to think about these numbers and decide what is most important to limit and control, guns or opioids --130 overdose deaths compared to 1.2 deaths by mass shootings. Even simple math is easy to understand. All lives are important and all deaths are tragic.


Russ McAnulty,

Yuba City

Re: Accuracy

What is happening to you? Are you just being contrary, trying to change the minds of the local populace, what? Or are you just trying to be misleading? Shame on you if that’s so.

Allow me to direct you to your page #7 of today’s edition, where you headline an article “Failed Afghan talks underscore Trump’s foreign policy setbacks.” Have you no commitment to accuracy? These talks didn’t “fail.” The president cancelled them because the Taliban attacked a group and killed an American military person in Kabul just before the talks were scheduled to begin. 

You, Appeal-Democrat, are not reporting accurately. Why?


Richard Rohrmann,

Yuba City 


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