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Sadly, as the Gold Sox baseball season comes to an end, I’m sure I’m speaking for all the fans that we are so grateful for Tommy and Rachel Lininger for all the hard work in making a season happen and giving us the enjoyment that is desperately needed during these trying times.

We are all mortal. We are all going to die at some time. But freedom does not have to die. Our great-great-grandchildren will never see us, but they may be able to live in a free America.

I am sending this email in response to Dr. Reveles’ July 20th letter regarding postponing Academic Decathlon. I am concerned that postponing this valuable program may easily lead to withering or cancelling of this valuable program since the attraction for future year’s participants is driven…

In response to Mr. Kawashima’s letter in the July 24 AD: I would like to offer additional background information on the creation of the new mural adjacent to the Marysville Buddhist Church.

There is a new mural at the Marysville Buddhist Church (see Appeal, July 16, 2020).  Per the director of the Yuba Sutter Arts and Culture, it is there to complement the Buddhist  Obon Festival.  The mural does not have an Obon festive theme but of a farm.

It has come to my attention that Yuba County has decided to cut the Academic Decathlon program for the 2020-2021 school year. As a former team captain and alumnus of Marysville High School I strongly urge you to reconsider this decision.

I am the former decathlete who has spearheaded the cause to save Academic Decathlon in Yuba County. I am writing this in response to the unsatisfactory, deceptive, and misleading letter sent by Dr. Reveles and YCOE in response to our email campaign.

Marysville Joint Unified has its trustees meeting by phone. Their Boardroom is very large with a high cathedral ceiling. The usual board meeting is very sparsely attended and attendees are adults. If the school board can’t meet in those circumstances to decide if schools should open, schools…

It is sadly hilarious and sorely hypocritical when Trump cultists say,  “I have overstepped and overreached when individuals cry out slanderous names towards our nation’s leaders and self-righteously blanket-judge those leaders’ supporters.”

On August 14, 2020, all schools and colleges will have to implement harmful rules designed to weaken Title IX, reversing important protections for student survivors of sexual harassment and assault. 

As a resident of the Yuba-Sutter community and a mom of a child with disabilities, I would like to draw your attention towards the important issue of California’s possible $7 billion budget cuts to education due to COVID-19, and how that could affect free and appropriate public education (FA…

 I am a resident and parent in Yuba County, I am writing to address the issue of cars continually speeding down Cheim Boulevard in East Marysville. It is a less than half a mile long road from East 22nd Street to the end at Olsen Court.

Putting the final nail in the business coffin, Governor Gavin Newsom has gone nuts; Newsom is playing to the coronavirus fearmongers saying we must wear face coverings in public. 

It’s really an easily understood, simple concept: Masks worn equals fewer COVID-19 cases and fewer deaths. Conversely fewer masks worn equals more COVID-19 cases and more death. 

In early June 2020, Minneapolis, MN, Mayor Jacob Frey gave the order to his police department to abandon the 3rd Precinct Police HQ so that the looters could burn the building down along with hundreds of other businesses.  

As I sit here and watch the riots going on in our great cities, it suddenly dawned on me that most of the riots were in states and cities that have been controlled for years by the Democrats, and they’re unhappy. 

The Sutter County health director has stated that everyone entering a retail store is required to wear a facial covering. However, to face mask or not to face mask is the question.

We have lived in the area surrounding Happy Park for 20 years. Annexed by Yuba City around 18-19 years ago, we expected the same treatment as other city citizens – wrong. 

No shelter-in-place in Yuba/Sutter? I am an essential worker. I was on my way to work on Saturday crossing the bridge from Marysville to Linda, when I saw they were having motocross races.

I’m a 52-year-old homeless man who has a medical condition known as CHF, bad heart. Being homeless in Yuba County was bad, yet now with COVID-19 it’s really bad. I’m very high risk because of health issues. 

I’m just wondering why (as a former Yuba City resident) we can’t open Fremont Hospital back up to help with the surge of COVID-19 cases that are coming. They are coming, too, so why use our high schools? 

I am a retired teacher of the Yuba City Unified School District. I am writing in response to the letter written to the district from the Yuba City Teachers Association.