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After digesting the recent announcement on “mortgage payments relief,” I’m wondering why the governor and/or county supervisors aren’t touting relief on property taxes. 

I’ve seen a lot of information in the paper regarding the schools, but what I don’t see is a plan for the district to move quickly towards online learning that actually counts.

Today as a human race we are facing some uncertainty. A virus is running uncontrolled amongst mankind with no end in sight -- it truly puts things into perspective. 

I have not seen any information posted that details how many people have been tested in Sutter and Yuba counties. It would be helpful if Dr. Luu could provide this info to the Appeal-Democrat to publish so we know where we stand in the community.

As a former competitive target shooter and daughter of a former national rifle champion (Miralotte Ickes), I was very perturbed by the two photos accompanying the congratulatory article on Madelynn Erickson in the March 22 Appeal Democrat Sports Section.

The whole world has assumed that the most prudent course of action is to fight the virus with fury. Hence, school closings, shelter-in-place requirements, cancellation of sporting events, restaurants and bars shuttered, travel restrictions, etc.

At a recent meeting at the Bethel AME Church, the idea of renaming Fifth Street in Marysville after Martin Luther King Jr. was discussed. 

The governing board of the Yuba Community College District has two distinct duties. Clearly, our first duty — maintaining the high quality of education received by the over 13,000 students who attend classes at one of our six campuses — must never waiver. But we have another important duty a…

Even though we live in Yuba City, as a grandparent raising a granddaughter who goes to the Marysville Charter Academy for the Arts, I would like to know who the crazy person is who came up with the idea of putting a cannabis business within 1/2 mile of three schools. 

Vote NO; It’s the neighborly thing to do. Voting no on taxes and bonds encourages our elected officials to use creative problem solving. When we vote to approve bonds and other methods of taxation, we are voting to force our neighbors to pay or risk the loss of their property.

Being a military dependent for the majority of my life, I am delighted to see so many people expressing their loyalty to our wonderful country by flying the American flag. 

Yuba Community College District wants more of our tax dollars – this time $228.4 Million! They have a lot of nerve since we are currently paying on four Yuba College School Bonds as follows:

The front page of December 21 carried a comment of a 13-year-old young man about how he is handling the current social and political climate. Part of his response stated that teachers try to push their views on him. 

The Democratic Party, the party that John Garamendi belongs to, has control of the House Judiciary Committee. The committee consists of 41 members, 24 Democrats and 17 Republicans. Each member of the House of Representatives is paid $174,000 dollars a year and works approximately 138 days a year. 

Sutter County Sheriff’s Department was down here at the homeless camp harassing homeless people and taking their vehicles that we live in without probable cause or justification. Their justification for this actually was ... “because they can.”

During the 2016 presidential campaign I gradually realized that Trump was becoming the spokesman for our crackpot fringe; and once he was elected I knew that the crackpot fringe was now establishment. Yet, even then I continued to think that the worst he would do was shoot his mouth off ever…

The city of Yuba City had representatives of CalPers visit on October 10th for a public meeting.  Unfortunately the general public, being apathetic, refrained from attending.

What is the school your child attends teaching him or her? Do you know? I was watching children in San Francisco (that had been excused from school for the day) protesting. These were young children, not middle school or high school. I was appalled. Our young minds are being indoctrinated by…