Have you ever experienced bullying? Being raised in Vacaville among Spanish kids bullying was a reality for me. Kids … would occasionally pick on me, a Caucasian Protestant pastor’s kid. On the baseball field we meshed well and enjoyed each other’s talents. In 1952 I was on the first Little League team as a 10 year old playing with many ethnic kids. Off the field I was cautious and wary of certain kids. For example, in the eighth grade Babe G. knocked me down with a knee to the groin. This in front of a girl friend. Riding my bike through the Spanish community on weekends was risky. I remember being shoved off my bike by several kids. Name calling was common. Let me say this: We were just kids learning how to respond to other’s behaviors and how to protect ourselves. Do I hold animosity toward these grade school bullies? No. The fact is that bullying among us school boys was not uncommon.

The above is to show that I have sensitivity to bully behaviors. Bullies will accuse, degrade, name call, cause physical pain, deface your person, make fun of, and condemn, among other behaviors. Sincerity is out the window. Caring and honesty is of no concern. Whatever the reasons are for these behaviors I can only suppose. Certainly many books have been written on the subject. I believe that bullies have often been bullied themselves and simply want to redeem their self-worth by attempting to be “king of the hill.” 

Let me speak to those that bully: Don’t judge me or anyone else; don’t negate us, deface us, cancel our sincere opinions, call us names like white supremacist, terrorist, or begot, when you have no knowledge of our life’s experiences. Making idle and unfounded accusations without real evidence is to participate in sub-human behavior.

Unfortunately the political left, both in the House and the Senate, use bully tactics regularly. Accusation and defamation of character are their regular diet, often accusing their opposition of exactly what they have done in the past. They are, in my estimate, mega-bullies to the nth degree. Whatever their motives, they are certainly not based on honesty, sincerity and a desire for the common good. The unity they proclaim is nothing more than conformity in disguise.

Character assassination and accusation are their tools. Without the rule of law and respect for the law this bully behavior will persist to the great detriment of our nation and its future.


Art Fruhling,

Yuba City

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