Yuba-Sutter area residents overwhelmingly tend to support Beale Air Force Base personnel and their various missions out of our belief in the need for a strong and ready military and empathy for those who serve the nation.

But it’s also worth remembering what that military base means to the Yuba-Sutter area’s economy. It solidifies the notion that we should continue to hone our skills at making Air Force personnel welcome in the community, and lobbying for the support of the base whenever possible.

A recent review of an economic impact statement, provided by Robert Lala, Beale Air Force Base deputy director of installation support with the 9th Mission Support Group,  helps clarify the issue:

– Total economic impact to the Yuba-Sutter area was more than $627 million for fiscal year 2017, it was figured. The periodic reviews show how Beale impacts the community, and how the community affects Beale. 

– Total military pay was $282 million; total civilian pay was $67.9 million.

– Personnel number: 5,460 military; 1,422 civilians. And they count 4,659 dependents. 

– Estimated annual dollar value of jobs created: $93 million.

“The EIS gives our community and business leaders an idea of how Beale Air Force Base positively contributes to the local economy,” Lala said. 

Again, we don’t have military installations to benefit the local communities; we have them to protect our entire nation. But it’s a hard fact that they have a great impact on the communities where they’re located, including this one. 

Whenever our leaders discuss priorities, whether they’re talking about housing, business development and jobs, education opportunities, transportation and roads ... we need to remember the base is there and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

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