Enjoy the resumption of some of our freedoms as we guardedly move well into a new phase of the pandemic. But, please, be polite and cooperative when it comes to social distancing, wearing masks, and greater hygiene. Some of us might feel dare-devilish, but many of us are very much hoping to avoid contact with the coronavirus.

It takes very little time or treasure to be safe.

The Bi-County Health Office has changed the dashboard they offer for the public to track coronavirus cases (go to BePreparedYuba.org or BePreparedSutter.org) to account for confirmed cases for people showing symptoms and those who don’t.

“Since the beginning of May, we have worked to get testing completed of those who are deemed close contacts of someone who tested positive for COVID-19, “said Health Officer Dr. Phuong Luu in the Thursday edition.

“Many of those had no symptoms but tested positive, which demonstrates why it is so important to wear a facial covering, maintain social distancing and wash your hands even when you feel well, since you might already be infected with COVID-19 and not realize it.”

Of the 68 confirmed cases in the county, as reported in the Thursday edition, six were asymptomatic -- meaning they showed no symptoms.

Yuba-Sutter will be getting a second OptumServe testing site, via the state, and it will be located somewhere in Yuba County -- details are still being worked out.

The OptumServe tests are faster and reliable and allow the Health Office to test much greater numbers of people.

That’s more important now, than ever, as businesses are starting to open up. More testing will allow us to monitor whether or not the re-opening is working or failing.

The cooperation of citizens -- believers or skeptics of the shut-down -- could make all the difference. And it can make everyone feel more secure.

There’s a lot to be said for feeling secure, even as many of us lobby for an accelerated lifting of restrictions and a drift back towards greater liberties.

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