We city folk become a bit complacent about fire.

Floods we know we can be swept away in, even if we live in the middle of town.

But we somehow feel snug about wildfires. We’re protected by the surrounding fields, perhaps, and our mostly green lawns and cityscapes don’t invite a conflagration like a dried out stand of timber and wild grass in the foothills during a thunderstorm.

Those living in a wild area should know about the precautions to take – fire-proofing their property as much as possible and having a go-bag and evacuation routes figured out. City people should, too.

It’s classified as a town, but Paradise’s population was nearly 27,000 before the small city burned to the ground. Partly to blame was its remote location amongst hills and forest.

But fire was jumping lot to lot, house to house. Burning embers can be carried by a breeze for miles. Why do we act so smug in the city?

We’re recording near-record temperatures for extended periods of time, there is ash falling out of the sky from surrounding fires, and the daylight has turned sickly orange hue.

Watch for fire danger no matter where you live in Yuba-Sutter-Colusa.


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