We’re big supporters of the county fairs – nowadays more than ever. 

And that can baffle some people. County fairs seem anachronistic to many of us. We can have face time with relatives around the world; we can stream events live; we can watch any movie we want in our homes ... watch actors solve murders, commit murders, prosecute and judge murderers, go to different galaxies far, far away, watch a rock concert, snort at jokes told by a well–paid comic ... Why go to a fair and look at a pig? 

Well, for three really good reasons:

– You can go anywhere and do anything online, but every once in a while you ought to get in touch with your roots. It’s good for your soul, good to humble you, good to remember, good for helping you evaluate your place in the world. And for most of us, we have some roots in country life – agriculture, animals, machines, outdoors work (if we go back far enough). 

Agriculture is just a sliver of what the county fair is all about now days, but it’s an important one. You should go to the fair and walk through the animal and ag displays ... take a look at the young people and their families and mentors who have learned about caring for animals. Go through the exhibits and see whose garden produce won ribbons. 

– You can go anywhere and do anything online, but you can be part of a real, flesh and blood, community of sentient beings. The county fair is a great equalizer, too. No matter your rank in life, you can wander around like a dude at the fair and let your hair down a little. It’s impossible to not see someone you know and haven’t talked to in a while. 

What good does it do? We humans rely on the patterns burned into our heads through experiences. Get out to the county fair and socialize with your neighbors ... it’s a brain pattern that can only help.

–  You can go anywhere and do anything online ... including doing and reading and watching goofy things. But, come on,  there is something extra satisfying about being goofy and witnessing goofiness in person and with other actual persons. And by “goofy” we mean having some pointless fun and relaxation. Have a corn dog. Dance to one of the several bands that will be playing. Watch the K9 Kings High Flying Dog Show. Catch the act of Skip “The Balloon Man” Banks (we’ve never seen nor met Skip, but we’re pretty sure he’s gonna present some goofy fun). Be amazed at the destruction derby.

What’s the point of goofy, pointless fun? THERE’S NO REAL POINT TO IT. Come on ... who couldn’t use a little rest and relaxation from the mad–dash reality of everyday life?

The fair is on, noon to late at night, today through Sunday. It costs $10 for an adult to get in ... but there are special rates every day for various groups. And when you’re in, you’re in all day. It’s a great deal. See you there.

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