There’ve been a few asks now since last election. And people are a little freaked out about the looming monster issue of public employee retirement system liabilities. And it’s been a long time since a recession ...

It makes for a dicey environment for the passage of additional financial measures, whether they’re in the form of sales tax increases or bond issues. It may be possible to get something passed, but those districts asking for more money had better have their logic well rehearsed and have some champions ready and willing to knock on doors.

We reported in the Thursday edition the multiple bond measures that are to be included on the primary ballot this year.

– Yuba Communty College District is asking for a $228 million bond measure for various projects around the far-flung district.The serious handicap the college district has to contend with is that it’s spread out over such a vast geographical area... It would be hard to convince the voters in any one of the counties the district covers (all or parts of Butte, Colusa, Glenn, Lake, Placer, Sutter, Yolo and Yuba counties)  to approve a modest bond increase; and the college has to defend a huge bond issue to several counties. 

– Plumas Lake School District wants a $30 million bond measure to construct a new middle school.

– Wheatland district wants a $16.5 million measure passed for several facility upgrades.

And there will likely be other revenue measures of one sort or another in the fall balloting.

 Those entities had better be ready to go beyond explaining, in detail, what will be possible if the bonds are approved. They’re going to need to prove to voters how necessary those things are; and how impossible they will be to obtain without the bond issue ... and that probably means a fairly detailed analysis of how they’re currently using all the tax-derived revenue currently realized.

From what we hear, there seems to be a serious wave of bond fatigue going around.

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