Like Linda Fire Chief Rich Webb said in a recent story, it’s understandable how some people might be “lulled into a false sense of security” about this fire season.

Cal Fire reported in a story earlier in the week that 21,400 acres had burned as of July 21 this year; compared to 153,338 acres burned during the same time frame a year ago. 

Remember the smoke in the air last year? Remember seeing billowing smoke off in the distance; at night maybe even an orange glow in the sky? It was frightening. 

Please, be on guard. Watch out and call in problems. Keep your rural properties safe. Be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

We’ve made it to August without a major conflagration in the locale. But ...

The Camp Fire happened in November.




Yuba City council members acted admirably in kerfuffle over Gauche Aquatic Park

We admire the members of the Yuba City Council for being big enough to back off. 

It had been decided during the budget process that one way to cut expenses and leave more money in the general fund for other services was to close the Gauche Aquatic Park pool down about five months out of the year – winter months, when usage drops off. 

Something of a firestorm of criticism occurred – people were unhappy that the pool, a gem in the city’s roster of amenities, according to many people’s perspectives, would be closed down; and they were unhappy about the way in which the budget item was handled and a lack of communication about the item. Many of the most vocal were involved in a swim club that makes regular  use of the pool year-round. Citizens protested at a council meeting, through letters to the editor and social commentary, and by showing up at a special meeting about the issue.

Some city council members made a case for considering the cut in expenses ... fiscal oversight is their job, of course. But there is the reality that not all city services, including a recreational facility in this case, can or should be expected to be profitable.

City council members pledged they would back off, keep the pool open, and look for some means of covering the expense.

Looks like an opportunity here for those of us who protested the closure to step up with ideas for securing more funding for the pool. Could be grants, could be sponsorships, could be donations ... or it could be ideas on how to market and increase usage of the pool in winter months to the extent that revenues increase.


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