We believe that our local elected leaders – state, county and city – are doing what they believe is best for their communities. As long as they fully listen to the opinions of medical and science advisors and put community health at the top of the priorities list, we’re hopeful we’ll go the right course.

Local boards and councils, organized in part by state legislators, are seeking permission from the governor to make local decisions about stepping down the shelter-at-home orders. We’re not sure Gov. Gavin Newsom is on board ... but he is talking about a phased-in loosening of restrictions, too.

What we’re most worried about is us... collectively ... all of us. If it makes sense to officials and healthcare pros that restrictions can be toned down, it will depend on acceptance on our part of ongoing precautions – social distancing, masks, topnotch personal hygiene, staying at home when travel and exposure aren’t absolutely essential.

Those things will continue, even if we are allowed to start opening up businesses and government services.

We have invested millions and millions of dollars, locally – in lost business, in lost wages, in extra expenses, and losses. We’ll never regain some of the things we lost. We mustn’t cheapen the sacrifices by becoming cavalier ... even a little.

We’re often an impatient lot. Much of the time, that’s not a terrible trait – it’s why we’re good at getting things done. But sometimes being slow, as much as it drives us crazy, is the best way to go.


By the way. This is an important year for things other than the pandemic.

Lest we forget ... This is the year we mark the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII. Victory in Europe Day is observed May 8 – just a little over a week from now. Victory over Japan Day is August 15 – that’s the day Imperial Japan surrendered, in effect bringing the war to an end. A formal surrender ceremony was performed aboard the USS Missouri on Sept. 2, 1945.

How do you feel about this anniversary? Do you hold any lessons dear that you learned from your experience, the experience of your parents or grandparents, or from the classroom?

What do you reflect on when you think of World War II?

Leave your thoughts in a comment on our Facebook page, or send us a letter to the editor at ADNewsroom@appealdemocrat.com.

(Are you a veteran of the war? Or do you have living relatives from the Yuba-Sutter-Colusa area who were part of the war effort, whether on the battlefield, at sea, or at home? We’d like to make contact for reporting we’ll do later this year. Please contact reporter David Wilson at dwilson@appealdemocrat.com.


And we’d also like to invite you all to honor a frontline hero who is dealing with the pandemic.

We’re accepting comments from readers who want to thank and compliment local heroes – the people who care for us, watch out for us, help us out.

We’ll publish batches of your comments, with pictures, please, as they are submitted in the print edition of the Appeal.

Make your comment on our Facebook page or email info to ADNewsroom@appealdemocrat.com. 

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