Frankly, we’ve been wondering for quite a while when the fence might fall down ... it just looked like it would some day.

Well, the freakishly high winds in Marysville on Tuesday night brought down a couple sections of the fence around Colusa Casino Stadium. It seems logical that there might be other sections of the colorful landmark fence in ragged shape following the storm.

We’ve not heard of any plans on refurbishing the fence. We hope something is organized quickly ... maybe there will be a grant available from somewhere.

The stadium fence with dozens of paintings ... so it’s a sort of rambling local baseball mural ... is one of the most fun sights in the area. It’s unique. It’s Marysville.

Likely, it’s going to be a challenge, funding wise. The business of Gold Sox baseball can’t allow for much in the way of physical improvements to the park. And the owner -- the city of Marysville -- may be enjoying enhanced revenue flow from the recent sales tax increase, but it’s likely a long way from the cash security needed to spend too much on an amenity like the fence and mural.

Hopefully, the city and ball club investors soon come up with a plan for refurbishing the entire fence, even if done in phases, and a cost estimate so the fundraising can begin.

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