Yuba-Sutter has slipped (more like fallen flat) into the purple tier – the most restrictive coronavirus class for counties that are not doing so well. The number of new coronavirus cases here has been spiking this past week.

The purple tier “means several industries and organizations – restaurants, bars, personal care services, churches, movie theaters and gyms – will be required to cease indoor operations once again and resort to only outdoor activities as the winter weather starts to pick up.”

Except many if not most of us are aiming to defy the mandates. 

Our state assemblyman encourages it. He says he wouldn’t close up, and that we’re adults and able to make thoughtful decisions, and he encourages us all to be responsible. And our lead county health official acknowledges that, along with a warning that businesses might want to consider what sort of state-level enforcement they may have to deal with. That goes particularly for any business that relies on some sort of state licensing.

But there aren’t any known plans for local enforcement.

For many of those businesses affected by the restrictions, it’s a damned if you do – damned if you don’t proposition: Adhere to the mandate and lose so much business you go under; or ignore the mandates and run the risk of getting into some sort of trouble. Which is the riskiest gamble?

Here’s another either/or proposition, and it’s for all of us who live in this community: put up or shut up. We don’t like being told what to do, having our freedoms tainted with executive orders and all… And we say we have empathy for our small businesses, churches, restaurants and such and want what’s best for them.

And we’re going to keep doing business with them. They need those cash transactions to survive. But they also need us all to try a little harder at taking responsibility and practicing the protocols that have been promoted for months now to help tamp back the virus:

– Washing our hands frequently.

– Social distancing.

– Sanitizing.

– Staying home as much as we can and postponing those big family and friend gatherings.

– Wearing masks.

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