You can get in on a couple online conversations.

Question of the Week:

We posted this question on our Facebook page:

“What do you think of the ordinances recently passed by Yuba and Sutter counties, which prohibit camping and storage of personal property on private and on some public lands? Supervisors say they’re most concerned about public safety aspects of having homeless people set up camp along levees, waterways, and some other public property, such as airport land. 

“Do you think the ordinances address the real problem? Will the new rules have a positive effect? 

“Other local governments – Yuba City, Live Oak, Marysville – might follow suit. Is that a good idea?”

Response was pretty quick. And the range of opinion is wide. A couple examples:

Julie Martin Coulson: I like it! I want my town back.

Tenille Ritzman: Well, if they can’t be there, they have to be somewhere, probably the sidewalks. Is that supposed to be better?

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Confidence Survey:

Following are a few of the comments respondents left in our informal, online confidence survey, when we asked, “How do you rate your own sense of well-being?”

– I’ll succeed. I may not like where I work or live but I will never be homeless if I can work. I worked two jobs when I had to. With our low unemployment, opportunities abound.

– Thanks to strong unions my husband and I have good retirement benefits with excellent health insurance.

– I am fine but I worry about my grandchildren. What will this country be like when they and their children grow up?

– The past 3 years have been significantly better than the previous 8!

– As long as inflation stays below the prime rate that the Fed charges, I think that I will have food on the table, a house to live in, and maybe pay for my utilities (if CPUC can really be the protector of those they serve and not lackeys to power companies).

– I always have hope that people will realize that there is a better way to do things!! Following a crazy man, defending his every move, won’t bring our country back to normal. I’m awaiting for his impeachment and removal, along with all his corrupt men and women in the agencies!

– I feel pretty good; but, somewhat more than before, we’re feeling we’re just a couple paychecks away from decline.

Our survey takes a few minutes to complete and asks participants rate their confidence in the president, Congress, state and local government, the economy and more. To register your opinion, go to: or go to our website at and click through on the survey header.

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