We’d just like to see all local leaders – elected, appointed, business, religious, educational, public service, unions … whatever – back up Bi-County Health Officer Phuong Luu.

Luu released a COVID-19 advisory last week to address an alarming situation – rising positivity rates, increasing infections and deaths, declining ICU availability. It calls for greater commitment from all of us to re-flatten the infection curve to ease up on demands placed on our hospital.

It’s stuff that’s not that popular with a population fatigued by the coronavirus. And we don’t know that we agree to all the conditions, but we do many of them.

We just wanted to cite a quote by Yuba County Supervisor Gary Bradford that we really appreciated. He acknowledged the advisory, revealed concern for balance between public health and the economy, and gave Luu deserved credit and support. Community leaders don’t have to agree with everything Luu proposes, but we think that community members by and large could use some affirmation and encouragement to do everything possible to prevent further spread.

Bradford said the board of supervisors need to find a balance between overwhelming the healthcare system and killing the local economy.

“Given the current situation at Adventist Health/Rideout and across Yuba-Sutter, we should join 

Dr. Luu and encourage the community to step up and do their part to get the spread under control and relieve the pressure on our local hospital.”

He said he hopes the community’s actions will allow students to return to school after the winter break and said that residents should support local restaurants in a way that helps the hospital  and local business.

“I’m hopeful that my fellow community members will consider this guidance over the next few weeks in order to support our healthcare system, health care workers, teachers, schools, and small businesses over the next few months.” 


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