It’s like someone who had recently partaken made up the rules governing marijuana and it’s first cousin industrial hemp. The situation, as it stands, as well as we can parse it out:

It’s still against federal law to grow, harvest, sell, and consume marijuana for medicinal or recreational use. But it’s all legal in California, except in counties and cities where there are restrictions on how it can be grown, sold and distributed. (Is delivery legal here, by the way? Probably not, but who’s worrying about that?)

At the same time, it is now legal by federal law to grow industrial hemp – the same plant as you get recreational marijuana from, only minus almost all the psychoactive ingredient. It’s good for fiber. You can buy hemp “milk” at the grocery store. It could be a viable field crop here and elsewhere around the country ... except that it is now outlawed here (or is about to be) because of a lack of federal regulations. Are there any local agriculturists who are interested in growing industrial hemp? We’d like to know.

So ...

Marijuana, the kind that gets you high: federally illegal; state legal; locally restricted.

Hemp, the kind you make into rope: federally legal, locally not.

In the meantime, since commercial use of marijuana is legal in the state, there are plenty of growers from around the world coming here to grow it illegally and shipping it off illegally. And they do bad things to the environment, steal water, guard their inventory with weaponry, pose danger to neighbors.

Want to just do away with the whole ball of wax? Wait ... there are tax revenues at stake.

Lord, is there some way to carry on in normal fashion?

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