Some people are convinced the time has come to be less cautious; some people are as sure as ever that caution needs to be maintained, maybe ramped up. There are taunts, if not openly then under the breath, one side for the other.

Regardless how you feel, it’s going to be better for us all if we’re not at each other’s throats. Respectfully disagree? Sure. But go a step further. Be nice. Go out of your way to be nice.

It’s hard to remember to do, especially if you were a tad curmudgeonly to begin with.

You practice the idea through deeds. There are plenty of opportunities to do something nice. Here’s an idea put forward by Prestige Care and reported to us by our associate, Chris Kaufman:

The Marysville care home is inviting people to send cards, flowers and gifts to residents who have been unable to see visitors since the coronavirus took hold.

Prestige invites us to send positive notes, warm wishes and fun artwork to residents to spread cheer and uplift spirits, according to a press release. They suggest cards, letters and other paper gifts such as drawings and homemade artwork. All items will be sorted and disinfected prior to being delivered to residents. Remember:

-- Messages should be handwritten and in large, easy-to-read print.

-- Keep the messages positive, kind and heartfelt.

-- If including a drawing or painting by a child, please consider having them sign with their name and age at the bottom.

-- Please don’t date your letters.

Those bringing items to the facility are asked to meet a staff member at the entrance. All letters will be opened and screened unless it is a private message sent from a family or friend of the resident. Community members can also mail their letters to: Prestige Assisted Living at Marysville, 515 Harris St., Marysville, CA 95901.

We’re pretty sure other care facilities would appreciate the same consideration -- if so, let us know and we’ll publicize it.

Do something good; feel good.

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