We’re trying to get some conversations started.

You can chime in on a few “What Do You Think” items on the Appeal-Democrat Facebook page.

– We noted that with elections being certified, city council members and mayors are getting set for the new year. We asked, “What advice do they need? What roads should they fix? what should they do about which problems? How can they advance their communities’ causes?”

The few responses so far have not been overly positive in tone.

We’d like to know what area residents want their elected leaders to have at the top of their agendas.

– In another post, we’re wondering how fed up people are getting with COVID-19 news.

“It’s on the front page most every day. Every news show you watch or listen to is probably going to reference it. If you talk to someone, it will probably come up.”

We asked, “What’s important and what should we be concerned with aside from the pandemic? Not to say the coronavirus isn’t of prime importance, but there are likely other subjects that might deserve a little more attention. What do you think?

– And thirdly, we’re admittedly looking for some feel-good content and are giving participants the opportunity to gush over someone who helped them out in life.

No matter who we are or our station in life, just about all of us have had someone, somewhere along the line, do us a good deed.

We’re asking, “A parent? A sibling? A neighbor? A teacher? A preacher? A commander or a co-worker? Who do you recall as someone who did you an important favor in life?”

Responses posted on Facebook are used in a Saturday “What Do You Think” column. Join us.

Don’t Facebook? Send us a letter to the editor (up to 490 words). Letters must bear the writer’s name and community for publication, and should have a phone number for verification (not for publication).

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