It was a few years ago that there was a series of busts of illegal indoor marijuana-growing operations. 

They involved private residences – nice looking family homes – around the area, including in Edgewater, that were stripped out on the inside, had power meters bypassed, and provided artificial lighting to grow hundreds and thousands of plants. Many of them involved Chinese nationals fronted  from or with connections to New York. 

It’s been a while, but it appears another bust along the same lines happened this past week.

Yuba County Sheriff’s deputies confiscated 948 marijuana plants and made one arrest at a bust in the 1500 block of Three Rivers Road in Edgewater. Chun Yuan, of New York, was arrested.

It’s not the type of operation you want to have operating in a nice residential neighborhood where families are out and about and kids are riding bikes... 

So officers are urging the public to take notice if there’s suspicious activity and listed a few things that could be telltale signs of an illegal grow:

– Look for “inconsistencies” about the residence.

– The shades are drawn on all the windows or the windows are darkened all the time.

– There is overgrown grass and the lot in general may be less well maintained.

– There are people coming and going at odd hours.

See something that raises your suspicions? Call your local law enforcement.

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