We took the pulse of the community in an online survey last summer, asking respondents to tell us their thoughts and feelings about various COVID-19 cases.

It was the time between surges.

We decided it was time to update results, so we now have a second version of the Life During a Pandemic survey open. Go online to www.surveymonkey.com/r/PandemicPart2 to participate or go to our website at appealdemocrat.com and find the survey link at the top of the homepage. The informal survey will be open through the rest of the week.

In a nutshell, respondents in the new survey are telling us about 20 percent have someone close to them who’s tested positive; by a wide majority they are very concerned about the virus; about a third of respondents have been tested; close to 90 percent say they wear masks all the time or when around other people; just a few are worried about eviction; more than 50 percent say schools should remain closed for now; and more than half will get a vaccine as soon as they’re able.

Also of interest is the general comments section, where commenters grant no quarter from either side:

– Amazing how many stupid people there in our nation when you see them w/o a mask in public surrounded by others.

– This is government concocted hysteria in order to control citizens by use of fear.

– Everyone needs to listen to our health officer and obey the rules, especially the younger people; you may not contract, but could be carriers; the worst is yet to come…

– People aren’t taking this seriously enough. Even when we are supposed to stay home and only go out maybe once a week to do necessary errands, the town was full. The Mall parking lot was stacked with cars. Are people really that uncaring for others or are they just stupid?

– The defiant local political leadership ... unwilling to enforce basic public health measures, is shameful, nearly criminal! The hoaxers are killing our community and local businesses due to their selfishness and ignorance. No wonder why we’re heading into even darker times! Shame!

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