Grousing, then gratitude.

It seems that primary elections just get clumsier and clumsier. 

California decided to move their primaries up a few months so they would be relevant -- have some actual effect on the nomination process by voting before most of the rest of the balloting is done. That didn’t go exactly to plan ... some people turned their ballots in well before half the Democratic candidates dropped out of the race; and there was really no point in having balloting for the Republican nominee, was there?

We’d root for a national primary election -- everyone vote at once as we do for the General Election. But then you’d be stuck with sticky situations like Democrats have: one candidates taking most all of the far left vote and a whole bevy of candidates hauling in small parts of a much larger centrist contingent. Are you getting the best candidate or the best poker player?

Maybe there’s no perfect system. But is there something better than the present system? Let’s keep our thinking caps on.

That bit of grousing done, at least this year’s national politics has kept us entertained (or infuriated, depending on your demeanor).

And as importantly, we took care of a considerable amount of business where it really counts -- locally. We decided races for county supervisor, judge, water agency directors and decided the fate of several local measures. We’re very grateful to and proud of area citizens who marked their ballots and either mailed them in, walked them in or went and voted at the polling places. 

Most of us no longer get to stick on an “I voted” sticker. But you know who you are ... we’re applauding you.

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