The COVID-19 numbers have been improving in Yuba, Sutter and Colusa counties. That means all three counties have dropped down a tier and many of our businesses can re-open, with modifications.

Now it's up to all of us to keep improving ... because backsliding would be terrible.

All three counties dropped a tier in the state's system for regulating what can be open. Dropping is a good thing -- it means there are less cases being added weekly and the positivity rate (positive tests divided by total tests given) has dropped and now there are fewer restrictions.

Restaurants can legally have indoor dining with modifications for capacity and distancing. We can have some additional shopping and service-oriented businesses open. It's been a real slog for a lot of our businesses and a lot of our residents. Reopening will be a nice shot in the arm ... and staying open will be even better.

To stay open, we need to keep our guard up all the way. Another surge of COVID-19 cases would close us down again, and it could take weeks to recuperate. Keeping vigilant shouldn't be that hard. It’s as basic as wearing a mask.

Experts nine months ago weren't sure about the value of face masks. They've changed their thinking quite a bit and many are saying that the most effective thing we citizens can all do is wear masks whenever we're out of our own household, whenever we're in close proximity to someone. Wearing a mask goes a long way in preventing the spread of the viral infection.

And then there's distancing. If you're talking to someone outside of your own household, stay six feet or more away (and wear a mask).

If you need to go shopping, remember to wash your hands when you get home (and stay distanced ... and wear a mask).

There are a lot of businesses that are trying very hard to conform to the rules ... which means they're trying very hard to keep their customers safe. If you need to get out of the house, patronize those businesses. If they're taking care of you; take care of them. And let your friends know about those businesses that show they care.


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