It’s been our experience that every city that wishes to be on the gain wants to have a well-qualified and effective economic development officer, and very few find one who stays for long. From our perspective, Yuba City just lost one.

Darin Gale’s last day was Monday. He was someone who could beat the bushes, and advocate for a new business while keeping city interests well in mind. And he was an unwavering advocate for the city, for city employees, for residents and for businesses. He was a good communicator – something we very much appreciated. 

He may have gone out on a limb now and then and some might have faulted him for that. But a city needs someone who does that – whose goal is to try for the best for the city (even if it means a flop  now and then), rather than avoid failure to the extent that they wallow in busywork and philosophy just to stay out of the way. We’re not sure who that will be from here on.

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