We’re not sure what the schedule will be going forward for the Museum of the Forgotten Warriors in Linda. The repository for seemingly countless artifacts of war and military service was open for a few hours on Memorial Day – it had been closed for quite a stretch due to the pandemic.

It’s a place that seems a great hoard of things ... and that’s the fascinating part of it: you don’t know what you’ll look at next as you roam around the place.

The museum was founded by Dann Spear, who died in 2018, and is now managed by his wife, Roberta, and a bunch of volunteers.

The amazing local institution needs our help to keep operating as it has. With the pandemic, some of the usual fundraising has been hampered. Now’s a good time to be supportive.

If you’ve been to the museum in recent years, you know its worth; if you haven’t, take our word for it – it’s a wonder and must continue (and you really should pay a visit the next time you have a couple hours open).

Go to the website to find out about when to visit and for information on how to make a tax-deductible contribution: museumoftheforgottenwarriors.org.


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