California is blessed, in terms of economic strength, with a great diversity of engines – agriculture, manufacturing, electronics, etc. The greater diversity in the business sector, the more able we’ll be to weather the storms and the quicker we’re able to recuperate after they pass.

We’re additionally blessed in heavy agriculture areas such as Yuba-Sutter-Colusa in that we have a great diversity in agriculture. 

We have a top 10 crop list, for instance. Go to Midwest states and you might be able to come up with a top five  list ... corn, soy, wheat, livestock and ... something else.

The success ratio for an area that sports such a great variety of ag products as we do was evidenced in the latest Yuba County crop report released last week. Reports for Sutter and Colusa county should be out shortly.

In Yuba County, the value of ag production grew by about 4 percent over the prior year (2018 over 2017) with a total of $241.1 million in gross value, according to our report.

While prices were down, sometimes markedly, for some of our main crops, the price for rice was up significantly; and there was a rise in timber production and kiwi acreage.

There was quite a range of price fluctuations in 2018. That’s not uncommon, and it’s what helps keep our economy steady. Where the walnut crop decreases in value, rice increases. The value of the peach crop drops, the kiwi acreage grows and makes up for some of it. And so on.

We do rely on foreign markets for sales of many of our various crops; so there’s some reason to worry about politics, but not to the extent of states where the menu of crops is narrowed to corn and soybeans.

Here’s Yuba County’s top 10: rice, walnuts, prunes, livestock, peaches, kiwi, timber, almonds, pasture, nursery stock ... and there are plenty of other commodities outside the top 10. Diversity is strength.

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