How do you feel now?

Six months ago we posted an informal and unscientific survey to measure our readers’ confidence in various parts of government, the economy and well-being.

The May survey tapped the thoughts of more than 100 local residents and, perhaps unsurprisingly, their confidence was fairly low in everything except our military. We’re posting the same survey, six months later and encourage everyone to give it a go. We’re interested in what has changed over the past six months.

Last May:

– 50 percent said their confidence in the president was high; 13 percent said medium; 36 percent said low. But that’s a stellar rating compared to Congress –3 percent said their confidence was high; 33 percent said medium; 62 percent said low.

– State government? Just 6 percent said high; 33 percent said medium; 60 percent said low. Local leadership performed a little better with 14 percent saying their confidence was high; 66 percent medium, and 19 percent low.

– The economy? Only 20 percent said their confidence was high. Military? 68 percent said high.The United States’ place in the world –just 34 percent said high.

– We asked, “How do you rate your own sense of well-being?” And 53 percent said high, 37 percent medium, and 7 percent low.

In an open comment box, the most common concerns were over representation in state government with liberal and big cities being over-represented; environmental and climate change issues, some relating to wildfires; homeless issues; cultural divides in today’s society and the level of anger and angst; sanctuary state status and immigration; and the lack of maintenance of our infrastructure.

What about now? Our survey should take you about three minutes to complete (depending on how long you take writing comments). Take it online at: Or go to our website at and click on the “Confidence Survey” header to find a link. Or find a link on our Facebook page.

(If you haven’t access to the Internet, you can rank your confidence in the above areas: high, medium or low. Send in your rankings to Newsroom, Appeal-Democrat, 1530 Ellis Lake Drive, Marysville, CA 95901.)

We look forward to seeing how the rankings have changed; and we look forward to sorting through a new bunch of comments – there’s plenty to comment on, that’s for sure.

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