Please, please, please: Don’t give in to cynicism and “pandemic fatigue.”

We’ve got too much to lose to let our guards down against the coronavirus. But it looks like that’s what is happening.

While Colusa County is probably going to slip down another tier (from the second-most restrictive “red tier” to the even less restrictive “orange tier”), it appears that Sutter and Yuba counties are trending in the opposite direction.

The counties not so long ago were moved out of the most restrictive “purple tier.” We were then able to legally have indoor dining, in-person church services and the opening of many businesses and services with some modifications, including limited customers inside at one time, facial masks, social distancing, etc.

In just a matter of a few days, Sutter County reported 30 new cases and Yuba County had 28 new cases (not counting numbers reported last evening). If we reach 49 new cases in a seven-day period, we’re likely to move ... in the wrong direction.

Adding to the challenge will be the hustle and bustle and crowds of Halloween.

Wear a mask whenever you’re out of your own house or personal space. Wash your hands frequently. Use sanitizer to wipe down surfaces you come in contact with – doors, desks, keyboards, etc. Stay six feet away from other people.

The basics of suppressing the rise of the virus are simple, painless things. Bothersome? Maybe. But not as much as sliding back to the toughest tier.

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