Since a few years ago when Colusa County became eligible for a grant for a new juvenile hall and very logically decided it made more sense to partner up with Yuba and Sutter counties and build a new center that would be more cost efficient, the plans have been developing, and developing ... and the prices have been rising.

A Tri-County Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility will replace the outdated bi-county juvenile hall located in Marysville. And the partnership between three counties will make it economical for round-the-clock staffing, regardless of the resident population.

The counties have gone back and forth on some items, and the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has been involved. So time has passed. The three counties entered into a joint powers agreement in early 2014 and initially planned a 48-bed facility, estimated at $18.3 million.

Then the slog through details began and by late 2018 the project cost was estimated at $24.2 million. So they reduced the number of beds to 32, lowering the cost to $20.7 million. And since then the cost has risen back up to $21.4 million or there about.

Finally the state agency indicated that it will give permission for issuance of a request for proposals for construction ... in a few months. They figure construction could start six months later and would take about two years to complete, the project completed sometime around the fall of 2022.

It should take some time to work out the details in a tri-county venture, such as this. Too bad enough time elapsed to increase the cost so much.

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