If our informal online survey is any indication, Yuba-Sutter residents maintain a high level of confidence in the president. In Congress? Not so much.

We ran a second version of a confidence survey we first ran six months ago. There was not a significant shift in most of the categories (the few that did have substantial shifts are noted). 

Who took the survey?

Our informal online confidence survey had just more than 100 respondents – 52 percent were in the 50 to 69 age bracket; 27 percent were in the 30 through 49 bracket; 18 percent were 70 and older. Only two people logged in as younger than 30.

Yuba City residents made up 49 percent of the respondents; the rest were about equally divvied up between rural areas, Marysville, Linda/Olivehurst.

Here are how respondents stacked up by category, along with comments. This is the first of two columns exploring the survey results.



We asked, “What’s your level of confidence in the president?” High: 50 percent; Low: 45 percent; medium: 4 percent. Comments:

– As they say, he’s the kind of guy dumb people think is smart.

– This man is trying to make America a better and safer place.

– Racist, ruining our relations with the world, unethical – for ever changing norms of behavior based on bravado and dishonesty. He is horrifying.

– He must be doing something right! Just like with President Reagan, he is hated by the left!

– He is placing the American people ahead of the government.

– He’s good with finance but horrible with diplomacy.

– He’s a corrupt, egotistical idiot. He’s consumed by his own self interests and family business goals. He’s made our country less safe. His election was a sham. He did not win the majority of votes and is a puppet of Putin. Shame on anyone who hasn’t done their homework and has been hoodwinked by this criminal!

– I believe that he has the business sense and knowledge to pull our country out of the financial pit that it is in. The Liberals have given away too much for too long. Why has our political system deteriorated to the point that name calling and acquisitions become the norm? Let the man and the government do the job they were elected to do...run the country for the good of the citizens.


Confidence in Congress:

 High: 5 percent; medium: 33 percent; low, 62 percent. 


– Most of these guys seem to be only along for the ride and lifelong benefits. End the gridlock. Make things happen and move forward.

– The Republicans are supporting a morally bankrupt leader and the democrats have done nothing, in the name of politics.

– I’m happy that Congress is looking into the president and his unlawful behavior but wish they would focus more on bringing us together.

– They are conducting the impeachment hearings with professionalism. I’m proud of them.

– Get rid of them all!

– The in-control libs in the house are so incensed with removing President Trump from office they have stopped legislating to improve this country. Their latest impeachment attempt is a sad circus!

– They can’t stop fighting. They are one of the reasons there is so much hate in the country right now.

– Corporations have co-opted the legislative branch as unofficial wings of their own operations. Congress no longer serves the people.

– Healthcare, border security, our debt, taxes issues all could be addressed but they all won’t do anything but fight. Congress complains but then brags to the constituents how much they brought home.


Confidence in state government:

 High: 8 percent; medium: 27 percent; low: 65 percent. Comments:

– Our state continues to be a force of good in the world, which makes me very proud.

– Looking forward to more action on fire issues/climate change. 

– Recall Governor Newsom! Do not vote for the incumbents!

– They care more about illegal immigrants than their own citizens. They have been in power way too long and do not have the best interest of our state.

– Social engineering and spiteful politics are creating a faux California culture with little understanding of what makes a culture thrive. The CA state’s desire to indoctrinate our youngsters with leftest ideals is sick. Let’s not even mention the gas prices compared to those in other states

– Dems hold too much control. Lack of balance.

– Southern California has too much control to the detriment of Northern California.


Confidence in local leadership:

High: 10 percent; medium: 58 percent; low: 31 percent. (Six months ago, 20 percent said their confidence was low.) Comments:

– It would be good to see them being more proactive about cleaning up the old buildings that are falling to pieces or making our community look decrepit.

– I’m a fan of the Yuba Water Agency and the newly signed MOU with 8 other agencies and organizations to rehabilitate the North Yuba watershed.

– Local governments must adhere to CA state demands to receive monies. Since the state demands socialist ideals, the locals will follow suit to keep afloat.

– They have been good about taking on the issues and doing something about it.

– Our local “leadership” is committed to a philosophy of maintaining the status quo of striving towards mediocrity. They don’t give a damn about anyone and have no interest in achieving actual results.

– Look at bringing more traffic into Marysville without any plan, the crime, people wandering all over and car thefts are through the roof.

– The latest anti-camping ordinance is a shame. Low-cost housing should be provided for those evicted from the homeless camps.

– As is my general feeling for all government...too much politicking and not enough action. Many incumbents in all government have been in office too long and are no longer effective in their positions.

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