You’re sitting at home (or working at home, or lounging at home, or remodeling, or fidgeting, or climbing the walls...). You might think you’re fine, or you might think you’re going crazy.

Maybe you need a fun project ... like helping us record history. We’re inviting tri-county readers to join us in recording this unusual, if stressful, part of our human history for a feature we’re calling, “Life on the Home Front.”

News reports and commentary have always been the first drafts of history, along with journals and diaries and letters. We’re suggesting that you write us a letter about how you are living your life under the coronavirus pandemic and shelter-in-place directives. 

We’re inviting diary entries from members of the Yuba-Sutter-Colusa community, including kids of any age, young adults, parents, retirees.  

Give us a line or two about who you are, your circumstances, how you’re coping and an observation of the times. What’s the best part of your day? What’s the worst? Are you scared? How do you deal with that? Tips for the rest of us on getting by? Really, it’s up to you to focus on what you will that’s related to life during the pandemic.

We’re busy reporting what we can, but:

  • Frankly, we’re a little swamped. We’re going to hit the big topics and as much else as we have time for, but there will be a limit. Your observations will be appreciated by our readers.
  • Your perspectives aren’t the same as ours. We’re citizens, adults, a few of us are parents, we work in the news business. That’s a tiny sliver of the wide-ranging demographics of our community. Your point of view is important to record, too. Maybe you already keep a journal or email letters to your family, or maybe this is new to you. But give it a try: nobody else is going to see things exactly the way you do.

All we ask is:

  • Writers be considerate. No trolling or insulting letters.
  • Send your messages of 100 words or less to Your note should be pasted into the email, not attached, if possible. 
  • Please include your name as the author, your age, and the community you live in, as well as the date on which you wrote your piece. If you’re a stay-at-home worker or student, tell us the company you work for or the school you are enrolled at. We’d love it if you included a picture of yourself, Please!
  • And please include a phone number so we can verify the sender (we won’t publish the number). 

Can’t wait to read your stories.

Our View editorials represent the opinion of the Appeal-Democrat and its editorial board and are edited by the publisher and/or editor. Members of the editorial board include: Publisher Glenn Stifflemire and Editor Steve Miller.

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