We were lucky to have been driving on Hwy 20 into Marysville as the big Fourth of July fireworks show started up. It was spectacular. The best sight was driving over the 10th Street Bridge as the fireworks were being set off in the vicinity of the construction site at the 5th Street Bridge.

And it wasn’t just the pyrotechnics that wowed us. The walkways on the 10th Street bridge were lined with spectators on both sides and all the way across. There were people parked and standing all over the area, positioned just right to get the best view. And we hear from area residents that the parkways and soccer fields and parking lots along the river were well utilized. We’ve heard nothing but praise for the show and for the local governments and businesses that sponsored it. 

Our sincere hope is that the big community show succeeds year after year. A previous run of annual fireworks displays at the lake ended abruptly years ago after a terrible accident. A concerted effort by officials and firefighters and fireworks professionals is bound to make sure the events from here on are as safe as possible; and the ever-present dangers linked to fireworks are minimized in a large public display as opposed to the hundreds or thousands of us setting off our own fireworks ... including many of us who just can’t give up those mortar shells and rockets ... the illegal sort. Here’s hoping more and more of us give up the tradition of personal fireworks in favor of the public show.

Police and firefighters handed out some $15,000 worth of citations on the Fourth to people setting off illegal stuff. Many of us think there should have been a whole lot more. But we can imagine that there is some tendency toward being somewhat forgiving, given it’s an important national holiday and there are decades of tradition to buck. 

We do think that the headlines about $1,000 citations being handed out will have an effect on behavior next year ... and regulators should be less and less forgiving as time goes on and tradition changes.

All in all, not a bad Fourth. And a spectacular public show and, again, thanks to those who made it possible.

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