You can believe as you want about whether we went overboard or took sensible actions to prevent undue risk in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Either way, we’ve all been involved and affected by shelter-in-place orders, which included shutting down non-essential businesses and functions.

We’ve been fairly successful, it seems, in flattening the curve here in Yuba-Sutter; but there will be some other ramifications to deal with. The lost economy, for instance, but there is more.

First, we’re even more isolated from real human contact ... even for a short time that has its effects (though some would argue that some separation in today’s political climate might not be all bad). Americans don’t need another reason to not communicate with each other.

Secondly, canceling events hurts all sorts of businesses and employees. First there’s the actual sponsors of the events being canceled ... they’re losing the admission and side revenues. Then there are the secondary businesses that usually harvest some business when crowds congregate somewhere. This past month or in weeks coming, we’ve missed out on a film festival, a quilt festival, theater productions, Easter events, the Taco Festival, Cinco de Mayo ...

Thirdly, there’s the causes: charity events. Reveling by the River, a fundraiser for the eCenter (Head Start, etc.) was canceled. The Marysville Kiwanis Club’s Mardi Gras Dinner was canceled. An Elegant Soiree – United Way’s major fundraiser – was canceled. Bike Around the Buttes was postponed, the garden tour was canceled...

These groups used the money raised by hosting events for any number of projects – many of them to benefit area children.

That’s what we’re missing out on. We realize there are other good causes to donate to at present – food banks, for one. But please, as you recover financially from the shutdown – and we understand it’s going to take a while (a long while for some of us) – remember to support the charitable organizations that have missed out.

And as soon as you can, do a little more socializing. It’s good for the community. In the meantime, wave and yell something friendly.


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