Take the dog for a walk, morning or evening, around Marysville and the pooch is bound to be worried... there are cats running around everywhere.

In Marysville, just from casual, dog-walking observations, there are way too many cats loose on the streets. They're everywhere some nights. Some look well-fed, some look sick and starving. 

So kudos to FieldHaven Feline Center and Marysville Animal Care services for hosting "Meowysville Big Fix 24 hour TNR Marathon" Thursday night in which they trapped, neutered and returned (TNR) feral cats to curb the overpopulation.

Since July 2018, according to Joy Smith, executive director of FieldHaven, they've spayed and neutered about 500 cats and placed 305 kittens and 41 adult cats into their adoption program.

They trap all night, then in the morning a mobile spay/neuter operation comes in and takes care of them. The animals are also treated for ear mites, fleas, vaccinated for rabies and microchipped. They're logged into the FieldHaven system to track some 80 to 100 feeding colonies around the area. 

Some citizens are wondering about the "return" part of "trap, neuter and return." Some of those citizens get tired of dealing with feral cats doing feral cat activities on their property.

But the reality is that the old way: mostly ignoring the problem and then trapping and killing cats, hasn't been very effective. Releasing wild cats back into the city may not seem logical; but they'll not be breeding ... and we'll see how the strategy works over time.

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