A little zen of balloting:

For any number of reasons, many if not most of us of voting age are heavily invested in this election.

That’s evidenced by a couple things. For one, the record amount of early voting. Sutter County election chief Donna Johnston said earlier this week that they had already received ballots from 40 percent of the registered voters. Yuba and other counties also report high numbers of early ballot returns.

That’s the good news.

The bad news? Historical levels of political sectarianism -- the kind where people suspect each other, taunt each other, hold each other in contempt, dole out cynicism for anything they’re not in agreement with, unfriend each other on social media, avoid each other in real life.

For that reason, we’re excited about this polling.

Voting, if you look at it the right way, is the ultimate positive statement. In that act of marking a ballot, you no longer sneer, argue, promote or deny. You simply mark your ballot. You say yes to a candidate, make a final decision on a proposition, deliver the ballot ... and then you feel you’ve done your duty.

Whether you thought, during the lead-up, that the other side was wacky or not, now you and all voters are part of the same group. You become one with the electorate.

Please, don’t forget to cast your ballot.

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