Raise the subject of distracted driving, and most of us mentally jump ahead immediately to young drivers texting behind the wheel. 

We don’t have any numbers and don’t know who does, but we do know that we’re likely all guilty now and then of taking our eyes off the road – to tune the radio, adjust the air conditioning, take a call, grab a drink, eat a snack ... 

It was sadly ironic that in the Wednesday edition of the Appeal, on page A2, there was a story about Yuba City Police stepping up enforcement of distracted driving laws; and across from it, on page A3, was a story of a woman recently sentenced to jail for causing the deaths of two men who were passengers in the car that she ran into ... while she took her eyes off the road for just a second to reach for a cup of coffee in the center console.

The police will be looking for distracted drivers and will have more personnel out and about today, April 4, and again April 19. 

While there are all sorts of ways to drive distractedly, phones are a big worry. Drivers are prohibited from having phones in their hands for any reason and can only use their phones in a hands-free manner. Best to pull over and park safely, in order to use the phone ... or do anything else that takes your eyes off the road.

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