It’s unfortunate, the level of vitriol, over interpretations of the Mueller Report, being lobbed both ways from one political camp to the other. 

We wonder if it comes partly because all of us, no matter what side or combination of loyalties we have, were hoping for something definitive. Conclusive. Instead, if you hate the man Donald Trump, you’ve got plenty to go on; if you love the guy, you’ve got plenty to go on.

So we proceed.

We wonder, though, why we can’t agree on this one thing: the Russian oligarchs, who hate for people to have our freedoms and who hate for us to be able to criticize and think and have our very own opinions, are doing what they can to undercut free societies where human rights are cherished, and ours is at the top of their list.

They’re guilty. Can’t we agree on that? And so, why can’t there be bipartisan and congressional/executive branch cooperation in stopping their meddling?

Russia wants us to fail. We need to stop them.

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