While we’re not crazy about how Sutter County supervisors met about, discussed and voted on the topic, we’re OK with their decision to forward a request to the governor to grant locals the lead in deciding when and how to open the economy.

Will it work? Don’t know. Is it the right thing to do? It seems reasonable. No we don’t know if it’s anywhere close to the right time, and we don’t know whether the testing going on here is sufficient to support opening the economy, but we do know that we’ve got to start looking at the possibilities, whenever it is that they come down the road.

And we’re OK with the idea that not all of California (the state that could, by some citizens’ estimations, be anywhere from two to a dozen states) has to be on the exact same plan.

Supervisors decided Sunday to send a letter to Gov. Gavin Newsom advocating for easing of the state’s mandated restrictions and allowing for local control over how and when to reopen the economy. They also directed their county administrator to work with other north state jurisdictions on a regional approach.

Our problem? They met by conference call on a Sunday, after posting notice on social media and their website and by sending out a news release ... all on Saturday. They can do that. They’re granted latitude for urgent situations.

But we have more in mind that “urgent” means there’s a flood or fire coming, not that they want to talk about sending a letter to the governor. Whether or not they were within their rights to quickly organize a Sunday conference call meeting to discuss one of the weightiest issues they’ll ever deal with on our behalf, they could as easily signaled the agenda item for a few days and garnered more input from both sides.


And given that point, could we all come back from the polar regions and be willing to see the two sides to this issue? Those favoring opening the economy and those favoring continued strict measures intended to prevent insurmountable surges at our medical facilities don’t have to be at each others’ throats.

There’s a lot to be scared of, no matter which side you gravitate to: pestilence, economic collapse, poverty, death and disruption in every way possible ... we don’t need to waste oxygen hating each other and mocking each other for our ideas.

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