(This is the last of a two-part summary of an informal, online survey conducted by the Appeal.)


In many ways, it was an expected continuation of an earlier survey.

The Appeal posted a survey, “Life in a Pandemic Part 2,” that updated a survey conducted last July -- responses were similar, but there was a little more concern, more testing, more exposure … This latest version drew 211 respondents from around the Yuba-Sutter county area.

We asked, “What about face masks?” and 31 percent said they wear one “all the time”; 57 percent said they wear a mask when around other people; 5 percent said they generally don’t wear one; 2 percent said wearing masks is “silly”; and another 2 percent said “Don’t wear a mask because it is my right not to.”

In July, 20 percent said they wear one all the time; 62 percent said only when they’re around other people; 6 percent said they generally don’t wear one, 6 percent said wearing a mssk is silly.

Among comments:

 -- I wear one because I have a brain and care about other people.

-- Why wear one if you have had Covid? A lot of people have recovered from it.

-- Inside my home I do not, outside I do.

-- Because I care about others.

-- I only wear it if I have to in order to enter a medical bldg. I mostly stay home. It’s easier. I don’t think it’s silly but I don’t think it does any good either.

-- Wearing a mask is such a simple step to take to support businesses and our community. Anyone who thinks it’s their right to ignore guidance must also insist on speeding on the highway without a seatbelt? Give me a break. Care about your community. As our Supreme Court said, “But the liberty secured by the Constitution of the United States to every person within its jurisdiction does not import an absolute right in each person to be, at all times and in all circumstances, wholly freed from restraint . . . Upon the principle of self-defense, of paramount necessity, a community has the right to protect itself against an epidemic of disease which threatens the safety of its members.”


Of all respondents, 40 percent said they have school-aged children living at home.

We asked, “How should schools react?” and of all respondents, 47 percent said they should stay closed to in-class instruction; 29 percent said they should open up in-class instruction; and 23 percent said there should be a hybrid model used.

Looking just at those who said they have children at home: 48 percent said schools should stay closed; 32 percent said they should open up to in-class instruction; and 19 percent were in favor of a hybrid model.

Of those who have no kids at home, 46 percent said stay closed; 26 percent said open up; 27 said hybrid.

In July responses were similar.

Comments included:

-- I am a teacher. We do not have enough supplies, and don’t let school district officials tell you that we do. You can’t find wipes in a store. We don’t have them, either.

-- Until a vaccine is available to everyone. As someone who works with the public, I want to minimize risk.

-- I would be fine with in-class learning with appropriate precautions and enforcement methods.

-- Students are falling behind because in-class instruction is better.

-- Children are the least-affected group of this pandemic. In order to squash the spread, they should allow children to go back to school. Then generations of young people will not be affected by this in the future as they are least affected by major symptoms & then will become immune as they age.

-- This is complicated. I feel following the numbers is important. If the positive cases are too high they should stay closed, more support needs to happen to open the schools safely.

-- As a college employee, schools should stay closed until a vaccine is available to the general public.


Finally, we asked, “How about a vaccine?” and 53 percent said, “I will get a vaccine as soon as possible”; 27 percent said I will wait awhile to get a vaccine, but will eventually if others have have had it are OK”; 17 percent said they would not take it for a long time because development of vaccines was rushed; and 3 percent said they don’t believe in vaccinations.

Comments included:

-- Wait for 2 years to see if any undisclosed/discovered side effects.

-- I am not against all vaccines but when you can’t sue the manufacturer, somethings wrong there.

-- I’ll get the vaccine when my primary physician recommends it.

-- What have I got to lose? Our current situation of staying at home can’t go on indefinitely.

-- Actually, I find this entire “pandemic” to be a political game. I don’t disbelieve in vaccines, but find no need for this one.


Respondents were also allowed to make general comments. Some of those included:

-- This area has done an atrocious job of informing and protecting its citizens. There is no enforcement of guidelines. Anti-science beliefs seem to dictate the community’s response and people have died as a result or will have to live with COVID related issues for the rest of their lives. It is shameful and disgraceful. Our local representatives such as Assemblyman Gallagher have made things worse with their rhetoric as well …

-- I do not understand people who refuse to wear masks. All of the arguments against it are silly. It is not an intrusion on anyone’s rights. It is an attempt to keep people healthy. Just like seat belts and smoking restrictions.

-- Want to go back to the way it was before all this hysteria.

-- I am tired of seeing signs that say mask required, and businesses aren’t forcing it. I also know of a beauty parlor that is open. The windows are papered up, and clients enter through a back door. …

-- The start of one world rule. Once you get the 80% of the population believing in what the MSM and “officials” say without differing views then it is easier to get complete control of the populace. Now it can be said that Hitler was on the right path.

-- Much to do about nothing. Herd immunity but in this case herd thinning. The weak and infirm are the most affected, good reason to pay attention to your health and live a healthy lifestyle. You’re going to die sometime!!

-- The teachers at my children’s school are doing a really great job creating lessons and activities that engage the kids online for distance learning. They are actually learning a lot, but miss their friends terribly.

-- A serious problem, poor people who need to work do so even when sick. They live lives as normally as possible. I feel the lower income unemployed are affected by economics. The at risk need to be observant and take care of themselves, because some people don’t have a choice as to what they do. The state is not handling well.

-- Doing all I can to not be a COVID-19 statistic. I would like to thank our medical professionals and everyone who is helping us stay safe.

-- I believe the government is trying its best to manage this unique situation. In addition to our physical needs, our community needs to be mindful about mental health challenges brought on by isolation.

-- I believe that people that don’t wear masks and social gather are the ones that are prolonging covid and making it worse for everyone. Covid isn’t smart it just goes after stupid people that seem to want this to continue …

-- I wish our local/district government reps would do more to influence residents to follow public health orders. We are doing our health department, medical care providers, hospital and each other a huge disservice by defying appropriate pandemic-related mandates.

-- I think the Board of Supervisors was very wrong not to enforce the business closers. …

-- Concerned that local politicians care more about securing their current and future power than protecting the health of the population of this area. They care more about livelihood than life. If the local law enforcement truly wanted to support the healthcare workers they would enforce the state mandated guidelines.

-- I have antibodies and medically and scientifically do not need to wear a mask. However, I am bullied into it to go into the bank, some shopping, etc. There are a lot of recovered people that are still forced to “follow the rules.”...

-- Be patriotic, wear your mask!

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